Can't inherit authentication method from parent (Collection)

I have what I believe is a simple question: I want to create a new collection, all requests in that collection should use the same bearer token for authentication. Thus, I have created a new Collection (for the sake of simplicity let’s call it “My Collection”) and I have defined Bearer Authentication for that collection, including a bearer token. Now I have a simple request inside that collection and selected “Inherit auth from parent” as the authentication type.

However, it now says “This request is using No Auth from collection My Collection”.

I searched the forums about this issue and found out that there was an issue with inheriting the auth type in the past, but it should be resolved. I made sure I am running the latest version:

You are up to date! Postman v10.12.9 is the latest version.

I also read that it might help to click the little “Save” buttons on the collection and request - I did that, it did not help. Another post suggested to close and reopen postman - that still failed.

So my question is, is this a bug or what do I need to do to actually make a request inherit its auth method from the collection?