Request not showing up in DevTools network tab

I am trying to figure out why I keep getting “Could not get any response” when I run a request. It actually does work because I see a record get created from the request but Postman always displays the “Could not get any response” message.

I am running Postman 7.11.0 on MAC. My 1st question is when I go to View>Developer there are 4 options to choose from
DevTools (Current view)
DevTools (Current Shell)
DevTools (Shared)
DevTools (Shared Shell)
What is the difference and which one should I open?

I select DevTools (Current view) which opens up the inspect window. I then go to the tab with the request I want to run and Send it. The network tab in the inspect window does not show any info/network traffic. The console tab in the inspect window does not show anything either.
I do see an error on the Postman Console but nothing in the inspect window.

Any help getting DevTools to work is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Joe,

To confirm, are you trying to re-send the failing request from the DevTools console?

If possible, could you share the details of the request you’re sending? If it can’t be shared here, feel free to open a ticket with us.

Hi john-paul.
Thanks for the response. Please excuse my ignorance but I am not surehow to send a request FROM DevTools. I open up DT, then send therequest in Postman and look in DT for the request and response. That is what I do when I use a tool like BurpSuite.

Is there another wat to do it so the info is caught/displayed in DevTools?

Sounds like your not sending back a HTTP status code back.

This usually happens when your creating your own API and the actions you want on the server happen but the response “hangs” on the client.

You opened a HTTP connection and can send data back and forth but the connection stays open and doesn’t return it closes with out a HTTP status code.

when coding it in NodeJS for example you usually have to send back a JSON object from your route like:

   "data" : dataObjectJson

but yours might looks like:



  "data": dataObjectJson