Request not found after upgrading to 8.7.0

Hi! I’m having an issue after upgrading Postman to version 8.7.0, several requests that I’ve been using regularly are now showing up as “Request not found” pictures below.

Luckily i have a backup from a few days ago, tried copying the entire Postman folder from the backup to my Mac but nothing changed.

Hey @mrozenblum :wave: Welcome to the Postman Community!

Really sorry to hear you are unable to see your requests. Do you see the same issue on the web dashboard ( as well?

If the issue persists, , could you please submit a request from the following link so that we can closely look into the issue?

Hi @taehoshino, thanks for your answer, I see my requests on the web dashboard, alas the ones that show up like the picture I uploaded were not saved at the moment when I upgraded Postman, so the ones I see on the web dashboard are not up to date unfortunately :frowning:

What I don’t entirely understand is why did this happen considering my requests were working and “saved locally”, for Postman to not be able to find them now.

Thanks again!

Hi @mrozenblum. Thanks for your response and really sorry to hear you have lost your request data even though you have saved it locally.

In many of such cases, temporary issues on your internet connectivity can affect data syncing process. One thing you can try is to restore data from your local files. Please refer to the following part of the Help Center article: