Variables search from Environment dropdown

I am going crazy with a lot of environment variables I realized it would make my life so much easier if I could search or filter in Environment Variables for the key/value in the Manage Environments menu.

it would make updating a variable a 5 second process instead of a 3 minute mess.

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In an attempt for all the feature requests raised here to not get lost and for the best chance of it reaching the team - Can you submit these via the Github Issue Tracker please.

I did a quick search on there and found one that looked similar if this is what you’re after, you can upvote this or add additional context for your use case.

As an alternative way to make changes to the environment variables, you could use the Find and Replace feature within the app. This searches across all the different areas so it might be a way to speed up your process.

I created a gif of me changing the value of a previously set variable and sent a new request using this value, all without going anywhere near the manage environments feature :slight_smile:

It’s a very basic example but hopefully, it might give you a slightly quicker way to change the values.

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Thanks @dannydainton for the update. I’ll be sure to follow that in the future.

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