Relationship between collections and API builder

Hi, can someone point me to section in docs or explanation about the relationship between API builder and docs?
we’ve spent some time building our collection, not i’m trying to use the API builder to sync to the collection, however this relationship only seems to go one way (generate collection from API spec)
Now that our collection is complete, how can we use this to import into API definition, so we can get started with tests, mocks etc…


Hi @adray and welcome to the community!

As of now, the API Builder is designed to help you get started with docs/tests/monitoring starting from an API schema. If you’d like to learn more about that I’d recommend this webinar:

In your case, since you already have a Postman Collection my advice would be to convert that collection to an OpenAPI 3.0 schema using a third party service like API Transformer and import that schema in the API Builder.
From there you’ll be able to generate several collections for tests/mocks etc.