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We have postman with GitHub integration. When I create a new branch in git/GitHub, the branch is not visible in postman. It seems to help to close the current postman tab in the browser and to reopen it. Is there another way to do this. If not, it would be nice to have a refresh/fetch button to avoid closing postman.

Hey @robertpospisil :wave:

I was talking to one of the dev teams about this:

The current behaviour is:

We fetch once when the branch switcher is opened for the first time -> After that we only fetch whenever a search-branch operation is performed.

So if someone has lots of branches, this is usually not a problem. They always have to search for their branch and so it works fine.
But if someone has very few branches (let's say 5-6) -> They would expect it to be visible there. Hence the confusion.

We’ve created an internal ticket to track an improved to the user experience here. I’ll post back in there thread once I have more updates for you.

Thanks for the explanation.

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