Readonly environment variable initial value

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No bug here just a question on how to deal with sharing environment variables with a team without fear of them being modified by mistake.

My understanding is that the distinction between current and initial value is to handle a “default” value that less subject to change and a value that can be modified at will. If I extrapolate to sharing environments with teams, I would expect that the default value can only be modified by admins where the current ones can be changed at will locally.

In summary, is there any way to make the initial values of environment variables read-only so that they cannot be modified by certain people (I just realized there is also no different level of access for workspaces, either you’re in or not?) ?

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  • Postman Version [e.g. 6.7.4]
  • OS: [ macOS Mojave 10.14.6]

Hi there @gdollardollar -

One approach is to ask your team members to turn OFF the Automatically persist variable values general setting, and in cases where you want team members to overwrite those values, toggle it back on.

Another approach is to maintain immutable values as a collection variable (instead of environment variable), and only grant collection editor permissions to certain team members.

If neither of those options float your boat, upvote this feature request and/or chime in with your own use case:

As a side note, there are 2 different roles for workspaces, but no difference that impacts your use case here.

Thanks for your response! I see that some stuff was added in Postman 7.0. We’ll update and check out if the new features fit our use case.