Question Regarding Postman Student Expert Training

My question:
Can’t find the following requests in the run order window while running Scripting and Collection runs folder. These’s also no results output.

Details(screen shot):

How I found the problem:
While completing the Get stats request, there’s this runner activity.

@AindrilaDas Welcome to the community :partying_face:

I moved your post to “Training” category since that’s more appropriate :blush:

Yes this is strange :roll_eyes:

It should be displaying the requests under that folder like below:

Please try saving the requests and try to restart the application.

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Hello @bpricilla

thank you for the warm greetings! :blush:

But my problem hasn’t solved yet. I have tried doing all those steps from the start and saved them accordingly. But still can’t see the requests in the run order. Please help!

Hello @bpricilla

I am stuck on the final request test collection, 10/11 failed. Please help!