Question on the Academy question - Skillcheck

Hi Community,

I’m trying to complete the academy question.

I’m now at the Wrapping Up section, where we are asked to create a Skillcheck Post.

Not sure if I misunderstand the statement, when it said to mimic a request to movie theater, does it means to create a POST to post some movies into the dataset - Postman-echo? If so, how do we create in Json in this post? Or how do we know what fields to post?

Usually, I will try a get first, so that I know what fields to indicate, but when I try to do this”, I don’t see any movie lists.

So I’m puzzled what does this question trying to ask.

Thank you for your advise.

Hi @joshlab

Postman Echo will just echo the request back to you in the form of a response.

So for example: if I sent “Hello World!” in my POST I would get “Hello World!” back in my response.

(So if you ‘posted’ a JSON object in your request body, you would see that JSON object returned as a response body).

Hope that helps?

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Hi w4dd325,

Thank you for your response.

This is what I did. But there was Error 404 Not Found. So it doesn’t seems to pick up.


The URL should be

not /skillcheck which will return “404 page not found” as you have found out.

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Thanks! Managed to figure out, but glad to have your confirmation on this!

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