I cant pass task 6 in skill check

Set a variable using a post-response script
Let’s automatically set the actorName as a collection variable named “favoriteActor”. In the Post response scripts tab of the request, write a script to get the actorName from the response body and save the value as a new collection variable called “favoriteActor”.

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Can you provide more details and links to the training that you’re taking, please?

There’s a bunch of context missing from your questions which makes it difficult for others to provide you with some help. :pray:

This looks like “skill check” request on the student expert course.

This course isn’t designed to catch you out, and the description you have provided is detailing the steps you need to take.

Just telling you the answer defeats the purpose of the training.

What have you got so far, and which step are you having issues with?

You should already have an example of this logic on the “add a book” request earlier in the course.