Putting postman get response into html website

Hey everyone, im 100% beginner and im learning how to create websites, ive decided to create somethink useful for me so i wont quit easily. i want to make a price tracker but my problem is i dont have a clue how to transport a postman GET response into my html website (or if its even possible becasue i would love to have a new request every site refresh/button click).

my postman request looks like this:

i want to use “lowest_price” on my website so i can see how the price is changing
is it possible? if yes then how can i achieve this and its possible to refresh this data by html refresh/button?
also i want to mention i have 0 experience with JSON (i saw some people asking about this in other posts) so explaining this step-by-step would be very helpful

thank you in advance for any type of help

Not sure if you are going to get any response here to this type of question.

I can only recommend that you look for training courses in basic development that include API integrations and JSON in the course content.

There is no way, we can give you a step by step guide to JSON, there isn’t enough spaces in these comment boxes.

Postman is specifically related to sending requests to the API and testing the responses.

It’s not going to teach you HTML or how to consume this in your web application.

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