Display API collection run results into a web page

After creating and running a collection.
What postman link can I call, using JS to display the results onto a webpage.
Does the collection need to be published to provide a usable link that JS can call?
Not asking about “mock servers” that are for development.

For example. To call into a webpage the unsplash api I would use in JS:
const apiUrl = https://api.unsplash.com/photos/random/?client_id=${apiKey}&count=${count};
and then in a function, call that url,
const response = await fetch(apiUrl);

Where would I find such a URL for the Postman collection, so that I bring that collection into a webpage?

I tried youtube and web searches, but didn’t come up with good clear information

Thank you

Hello @dxlmx, Welcome to the community :magic_wand:

Are you trying to render the Postman collection in DOM? And yes, I would recommend making your collection public and give it a try.