Queries regarding GSOC23

Hello to everyone in Postman community !

I’m Ishaan Shah, a third year IT student at D.J Sanghvi College of Engineering and was interested in contributing to Postman for GSOC '23. I am an avid user of Postman from the start of my development journey from my first project to the most recent there is not one I haven’t used Postman in. I would love to contribute to a project that I use so frequently and has been a big part of my development journey.
I had gone through the GitHub repo and understood the tasks but had some questions I wanted to clear before I get started:

  1. " Please complete a matching mandatory qualification task on the idea page (also linked to with every idea/task on the idea page) when you apply. When applying with your own idea please check with the mentors/org admins beforehand to see which qualification task would be a good match. "I wasn’t able to find the qualification tasks please help out. Are they going to be uploaded later or am I looking in the wrong place.

  2. Is there a Slack/Discord for GSOC contributors and mentors to interact to get more clarity on the tasks and clear out a few basic queries about the projects.

Thank you,
Ishaan Shah