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I have recently been tasked with updating documentation; however, when on the “Publish Collection” page I’m unable to select the necessary domain. The ones I need are labeled as “unavailable.” I’ve reached out to team members who this is not an issue for, and they do not know why I don’t have access/why the domain in “unavailable.” Could anyone advise what is needed to make all listed domains as available?

Please note I’m working in a Team Workspace to which I’ve been invited and have been granted admin access.

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The only time you will receive “custom domains to be unavailable” is when the domain is already published with another documentation. You can also confirm the same by searching for this custom domain in any browser.

The workaround in such cases would be to unpublish the already associated custom domain doc and republish it again else I would recommend you to cross-check with your team regarding the same. Do let us know if you have any follow up queries on this.

@Kurmavatar - Thank you for your prompt response! I have cross-checked with my team and conducted additional research as well. I’ve been informed that unpublishing is not be an option at this time so I’ve looked towards other potential solutions. I found that one option is being granted “Edit” permissions (Github Discussion). We will try this out.

I’ll follow up if we have any further issues. Thanks again!

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@Kurmavatar - I was granted “Edit” permissions but still continue to receive the same error despite what was said in this GitHub discussion. Are we missing something? Is unpublishing the current documentation really the only way to update documentation?

@hlauth Yes, I am sure you’ve followed this right. You should be able to publish the documentation without choosing the custom domain - this link here should help you with the same.

The only reason why you see “unavailable” while selecting the custom domain drop-down is that those custom domains are already associated with other documentation. You can select those “unavailable” custom domains listed and search them on a new tab - they should be loading documentation. Hence, the only way you to use those domains would be to discuss this with the team, if they can unpublish the documentation already published on custom domains.

Hope this clarifies! Let me know if you have any further queries.