Publishing docs - can the published docs be private?

Publishing docs - can the published docs be private?
Can the documentation be deployed to internal domain and only be accessed by certain clients inside/outside of the organization? My employer do not want to share the documentation publicly, but instead just a specific set of users.

Let’s say company URL is “” -> URL for docs “” which brings the user to a logon page to get access to the postman documentation. Is this possible? workaround? publishing to custom domain?


Hi @cdoloriert!

Unfortunately this isn’t possible right now. Your best bet would be:

a) Inviting needed users to your Postman team so they can view the documentation page in its internal view
b) Exporting your Collection(s) as a .json file, and sharing it as needed

for option A, how do the users view the documentation in internal view? can these users also modify the requests in the team?