Postman with Azure API / Certificate Error / error:13000082:PKCS8 routines:OPENSSL_internal:UNSUPPORTED_PRF

Postman Version 7.3.3 on Windows 10 64-bit

Trying to use Postman to run some Azure REST API calls where I have to attach the self-signed certificate to the request, I exported the PFX as CRT and KEY files and when I send the GET request, I get the error below.

Error error:13000082:PKCS8 routines:OPENSSL_internal:UNSUPPORTED_PRF

OpenSSL commands
openssl pkcs12 -in AzureApi.pfx -clcerts -nokeys -out AzureApi.crt
openssl pkcs12 -in AzureApi.pfx -nocerts -out AzureApi.key

GET request,{subscription-id}/services/hostedservices
Headers, x-ms-version = 2012-03-01

Certificate settings are as follows.

CRT file, C:\Users\AzureApi.crt
Key file, C:\Users\AzureApi.key
Passphrase, password

If I use the PFX file, I get error below.

Error: socket hang up

Thoughts on this error when using CRT/KEY or PFX files?

PS1. Certificate works as expected on my .NET app.
PS2. OpenSSL version installed on computer is OpenSSL 1.1.1b 26 Feb 2019

Issue resolved on Postman v7.3.4