Call to API is failed in Postman

  • Descriptive Title: I had a test API setup on Azure which is public access. Its URL is something like https:///api/v1/user/test.
    I can access the API in Web Browser with a GET request and the API returns a response as expected. Refer to Attachment_01.png.

But when I request the URL in Postman(on the same Laptop). I got the below error

GET https:///api/v1/user/test
Error: write EPROTO 814344:error:100000f7:SSL routines:OPENSSL_internal:WRONG_VERSION_NUMBER:…......\src\third_party\boringssl\src\ssl\

Please refer to the below screenshot for details.

I have set the Enable SSL certificate verification to Off. And the other Settings for the request are all keeping the default ones. E.g.
Automatically follow redirects > ON
Encode URL automatically > ON

I tested the same with the cURL command and I can get the response as expected.

Anyone can help to tell me why the API is not working in Postman? Thank you very much.