How do you debug your collections, pre-request script, test scripts etc


I found debugging through collections, pre-request scripts etc are not very easy in Postman.

More details on it can be found in this feature request i saved -

Would like to get suggestion from our community, whether you come across this situation and how you manage this

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Have you tried running the collection via a CLI using newman? You will get all the errors in one place.
Newman -

Hi @ankit-m
Thanks for the reply
Yes I do run using Newman, but that something I use to execute the collections once its built and ready to integrate with the CI workflow

As we all do, I also depend on the postman gui tool for all the collection development and test runs etc
So i was looking for how better I can debugg collection, pre-request scripts etc with in postman gui tool

I will see how Newman is helpful to me in this regard, and its giving useful clues on script errors/exceptions etc


Hi @ankit-m
I quickly check this.

I think the latest version of newman (4.1.0) is a little better than the previous one,
and I see the html-reporter is separated and it has its own dependency to generate html type of report ( newman-reporter-html) . Here i get a separate failure section as you mentioned .

That was not the case with previous Newman (3.9.4)


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