Webhook - Collection URL

So I have just recently developed and successfully tested a Collection within postman.
Now how do I get the url for the collection so I can run this collection when a webhook is triggered.

My ecommerce site has a webhook feature and prompts me for a url but I’m not sure which url i need in order to run this collection.

Any help would be much appreciated!
Thank you in advance

Hi there,

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You can get the URL for your collection by using the “share collection” button when you click on the ellipsis next to the collection, then navigate to “Get link” to copy the URL.

Ok, thank you for the respponse!

Now that i have the Link, I added that URL to the webhook on my ecommerce and the collection did not run when the trigger was performed.

Is there anything else in postman that I need to perform in order to “release” the collection to be able to run it?


Hi there,

Can you please provide more information on what you expect to happen from the webhook? Please help us with what you’re trying to do so that we can better understand the issue.