Postman trusts a certificate with CN different from the host name in the URL

My question:

The request which I am trying to execute is a presigned URL of an AWS S3 PUT request. The host name in this pre-signed URL (<customdomain>.com) points to the original host name of the presigned URL (<bucketname>.s3.<aws-region> as a CNAME record in Route53.
I add this original host name as a “host” header parameter in the request. The SSL verification setting in postman is turned ON when the request is sent. The request gets executed successfully. But when I execute the cURL request done by the postman in a command prompt, the request fails with an error stating “SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK.”. I am wondering, how does the Postman trusts a certificate which has a different CN than the host name of the request being executed.