Cant verify custom domain name

When creating a custom domain the Postman requires that I validate the domain ( I guess that I control the domain).

Our domains are hosted with AWS and their UI will not allow me to create a cname record as per the instructuctions.

I was able to create the TXT record

Is there another way to validate the domain please.

Hi @grantm009

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I believe you already have a value added for the custom domain which is why you’re unable to add the CName. Please try editing the existing record for the custom domain with the values below and you should be able to validate your domain.

Once the Cname is added, click on Validate “Txt and Cname” from documentation webpage and that should work :slight_smile:


Hi Raj and thanks for the input.

I have had a session with AWS support and they have given the opinion that it can’t be done Quote " CNAME records cannot co-exist with any other record e.g. A, NS, SOA, TXT [1], this will prevent the successful creation of a CNAME record on the zone apex e.g. “” or in the subdomain (record) such as “”, if there are other records present."

Im sure we cant be the only ones in the world with this issue and there must be another way to validate the domain. I would have thought that the TXT record alone would show control over the domain and is the way google does this.

Hi again @grantm009

Yes, you are right there. CNAME records cannot co-exist with any other records for a domain but if you check the attached screenshot from my previous response, all of the records: A, NS, SOA, and TXT are for the domain ( and only one record exists for subdomain ( which is CNAME. Try similarly setting your records and that should resolve this.

In any case, if you’re still unable to set it - please write to us at with the screenshots and we will help you set this up.

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