How to disable hostname verification in postman

Hi all,

Is there any way to disable hostname verification?

Hey @kavindugimhan :wave: Welcome to Postman Community!

If by “Hostname verification” you mean domain verification that is done for publishing documentation on a custom domain?
Then the answer is “No”, for obvious reasons! Postman needs to know you own the domain before documentation can be published.

If it’s something else you are looking for, do provide more context :+1:

Hi @amit, Thank you for your response.

What I am doing is,
I am trying to setup server and client(postman) for one of my projects. For that I need to enable https. I have generated key files using Let’s encrypt, when I was creating those key files, I pointed a remote server. I can connect that remote server using https. What I need to do is, setup the server in locally for testing purposes and I need to use the keyfiles generated using Let’s encrypt.

After I configure private key in local server and I was unable to connect it using postman, becase it tries to verify the host(remote server). I need to skip that verification.

@kavindugimhan got it! Thanks for clarifying.

You can disable SSL verification either per-request, from under the settings tab for the request.

If you want you can disable SLL verification for all requests from under the General Settings page.

And If you have the CA cert with you, you can install it within Postman as well.
This setting is available under “Certificates” in the General Settings
That way, Postman will start trusting certificates issued by this CA, and then you wouldn’t have to disable SSL verification either!

I followed the instructions you mentioned. Now it is working. Thanks a lot @amit.

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