Postman Test Oauth2.0 callback

Hello team,

I am trying to test the actual workflow of OAuth2.0 authorization.

Indeed, I am not trying to add the Oauth2.0 access token to my request (which could be done using the Oauth2.0 feature in Postman).

Instead, I am trying to test the workflow of ‘www . myapi . com/login/github/’. This will redirect the user to GitHub’s domain to give myapi access to the user’s account. Then, a callback would bring the user back to ‘www . myapi . com/login/github/authorized’. Given the Oauth 2.0 flow, the actual url is ‘www . myapi . com/login/github/authorized?code=…&state=…’.

In Postman, I would like to test this last endpoint that cannot be generated manually and does not need an access token. Instead, in this last endpoint myapi creates an Oauth2.0 access token and does a couple of database operations that I would like to test.

In other words, is it possible to hit ‘www . myapi . com/login/github’ in Postman then a browser window will pop up so that I can enter user’s credentials and Postman will then give the result of ‘www . myapi . com/login/github/authorized’ call which does not only return an access token but does couple of operations.

Thanks for your help!