Postman session not being kept between diff request

I created 2 requests, they need to be being kept in same request session using cookies.
But I found once I send the first request, then switch to 2nd API and send it. But I got the error from my service saying that not log in, means the first login request session is not being kept in postman for my 2nd API request. I’m using latest postman Mac version.

Any help for that? or I need to wait for next release? I do not hit this session issue in last version.

@Eric_Poon Are you on the latest version of Postman (6.1.4)?
There was a bug in saving secure cookies in 6.1.3 which was fixed in 6.1.4

I noticed that in 6.1.4 there is a bug where Auth type “Inherit auth from parent” isn’t working correctly in case you’re inheriting auth configuration between requests.