Postman says it ´s not connected to the internet, when installed as Flatpak

I have installed Postman in my Fedora 38 Linux machine, using the Flatpak build, but every time it tries to use its Cloud features, it says it´s offline and keeps retrying to connect.

The stranger part is that somehow the login works and I can see my workspaces. But after that initial load, nothing more works and I keep seeing messages, saying I am offline.

I have internet access and this problem is happening for a while already. Also I never ever had similar issues with other Flatpak apps like Slack or Discord, for example, so I doubt it´s an issue with my system. Unless Postman is doing something really weird under the hood.

And If I open dev tools, I can see requests returning 200:

I have checked on Flatseal and Postman flatpak has permission to access the internet as well.

Console output:

Anyone has any idea what´s going on here?

Thank you.