Postman not starting. Stuck at security service launching

Error: “Please wait a moment while we launch our security service”
OS - Windows 10 64bit

The issue started after I created an account on postman and logged in.
I’ve tried restarting. I’ve tried uninstall and reinstall. But still facing this issue.

Please help!!

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Facing the same issue, I tried use web app but it needs postman agent needs to be installed on windows. For first time it was working fine with web app, after that web app also not working. Planning to use some other REST client apps

@anandharajan777 I eventually installed an older version and that solved it.

I have the same problem. Can I know where you found the older version?

I’m experiencing the same issue. I believe this is ZScaler’s standard security check page. I’ve found that if I go through the company VPN Postman will load correctly (since it bypasses the Zscaler proxy). Once loaded I can continue working in Postman even after the VPN is disconnected, although some things may not work as expected (loading workspaces, updating postman, etc.). Ideally there would be someway to approve the postman app through Zscaler, like you would in the browser.