Postman-Newmann-how to pass env.var for iteration

I am trying to execute my collection in more than one environment and brand.
To execute in single Environment , we use JSON environment file and try to use --env-var {Variable Name}={Variable Value}. in newmann command .It get the value which i specified in the gitlab.

At the same time i have a csv file which has multiple environment and brand ( i have 4 iteration) , when i try to use the same env-var , its not working.
Can you share the syntax how can i pass the environment variable when its an csv file

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Are the titles in the CSV file, the variable names in your Collection?

Have you tried appending -d <your CSV filename> to the Newman command so that it picks up the values in the file and resolves the variables?

Hi @dannydainton ,

Thank you for the reply . I am able to use `-d in the newman command.It pick the values also .My requirement is i want to use --env-var {Variable Name}={Variable Value} along with -d to pass the value which i enter in gitlab .Please find the screenshot .I want to use QA and also PROD .Don;t want to maintain two CSV file .Can we achieve the same

Are you not able to use both flags in the same command?

newman run collection.json -d <file> --env-var "variable_name=variable_value" 

You can use multiple --env-var flags in the same command, if needed.

I don’t think I fully understand what you’re trying to do here or what the end result would look like for you.