Environment variables passing for multiple folder is not working

in the below newman command, I have multiple folders and environment variables. So whenever I am passing environment variables, its passing only to first folder in collection, rest all folders are running with default values-not with the the env variable which I passed through run.

newman run Collection/SpecificAPI_Collection.json --folder Addons_Get --folder AdjustmentHistory -d TestData/SpecificAPI_TestData.json --env-var msisdn=123456 --reporters htmlextra,cli --reporter-htmlextra-export Results/Report_bld268_0112_1912.html

Oh really. let me check and get back to you. May I know your newman version. Thanks

Newman version: 5.2.0

I’m having a similar issue. Some of my environment variables are not being read when I use them in Newman.

Is there any update on this? I am still facing the issue

Is it working for you? I am still facing same issue.

hi i tried it now and it looks to be working fine :

Are you using data file ? confirm that the csv or json file you are using doesn’t have any column with name of the --env-var passed. As data variable as more scope the value in the csv will be taken not the value passed from command line

could you also add the command and collections you used if still facing the issue