Postman native app doesn't work on Apple macbook M1 chip

After installing postman on macbook M1 chip, when trying to launch Postman the application doesn’t launch.

Hey @amankamboj12 welcome to the Postman Community :wave:

I came across something similar to this and found that file permissions may at times cause this. One of our users had fixed this by enabling the root user on their machine.

Essentially when listing the following folders, you should not get permission denied error.

ls ~/Applications/
ls ~/Library/

To enable root account run the following command:

sudo -i

Enter your password when asked for and then you may exit out by typing exit

Then try installing the Postman app again from here:

You can also try to see if an Administrator account works (assuming your current account is standard account).

If nothing works feel free to reach out to Postman support here:

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