Does the Postman native app runs on Apple new M1 chip

Hi, I search but I couldn’t the answer for this simple question. Does the Postman native app able to runs on the new Apple M1 chip?



Hi Mike :wave:

The current app should be able to run on the M1 chip. Though it is not optimised for it and we’re currently working on a separate version specific to that chip, no ETA yet but we’ll update you as soon as possible!

In the meantime, for performance purposes you may want to give a go at Postman on the web:

No actual scientific research done, but I did launch Postman on Wintel (i7 + 32gb RAM) and Macbook Air (M1-8, 16gb RAM) under the current Rosetta2 translation a few times and the Mac consistently beats the Wintel by 4-5 seconds every time. :slight_smile:


Hi there,
is there any updates yet?

@Mahdyar Not at the moment, we’ll be updating you here and on GitHub when there’s something new!

Any update on the release for M1 chips?