Postman LIVE – The Infinite Canvas, Building Applications With Postman Flows

Discover the limitless possibilities of building applications with Postman Flows. Join Postman research analyst, Daniel Kimmelmann and myself in this week’s livestream as we showcase the power of Postman Flows, an API-centric visual application development interface that provides an infinite canvas to arrange and connect APIs. Through various templates and examples, discover the limitless possibilities of building dynamic applications with Postman Flows.

Let’s dive into Flow Snippets and various other flows examples such as:

Learn more: Postman Flows overview | Postman Learning Center



In case you missed it, last week’s stream @iandouglas invited Postman security engineers, @Rahul and Anurag Mewar to discuss the OWASP top 10 and explore some of the proposed 2023 updates related to API security. Learn what these changes mean for securing your APIs and protecting your data. Exploring OWASP Top 10: Securing Your APIs With Postman - YouTube

We stream every Thursday at 11 AM Eastern / 8 AM Pacific over on YouTube , Twitch and LinkedIn!