3 Highlights from last week's Postman Intergalactic!

3 highlights :sparkles: from last week’s Postman Intergalactic: Building Low-Code Applications with Postman Flows

If you missed, be sure to watch the recording here :

  1. Postman announced that Postman Flows is ready for General Availability and is available to try for free for everyone on the free plan!
    Learn more here : Postman Flows: The Next Generation of Software Development | Postman Blog

  2. Postman Flows is built for everyone! It’s built for anyone who wants to interact with APIs. You can now learn how different personas are using Postman flows: Adventures with Postman Flows | Postman Blog

  3. Postman Flows documentation learning center has been updated with so many examples for getting started! Check out our Flows Workspaces to learn more: Postman Flows overview | Postman Learning Center