Postman integration with Octopus


I’m trying to integrate my postman scripts with deployment tool which is Octopus v2019.9.4 LTS to run API collection on every deployment.

Please help me to achieve integration.

Rajesh T

AFAIK, Octopus Deploy just handles the deployment and completes your CI/CD pipeline.

Which tool are you using for CI/CD?

Thanks for response, we are using Team City for CI/CD. My goal is to integrate with Octopus which is our deployment tool.

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You should be able to add a step in your TeamCity build after the Octopus deployment step to run Newman for your integration tests.

Or are you wanting to integrate with Octopus in order to execute a rollback if the integration tests fail?

Integration with Octopus is desirable over TeamCity in cases where we want to validate a deployment with a collection of Postman tests.