Postman installation on Kali 2023.3 / VMware Fusion 13.0.2

I have installed Postman in Kali 2023.3 on VMware Fusion 13.0.2 in my Mac M1 chip.

Tried both ways below:

I do see the app installed under applications, however it is not being executed from command-line or from GUI.

Command-line error : zsh: exec format error: postman
Please refer the attachments.

NB: I was able to run postman using snap. But, I want it to work in the traditional way.

Hey @telecoms-candidate-8 :wave:

Welcome to the Postman community! :postman:

I think you may have downloaded the incorrect version and that’s why it not opening for you.

I believe that you might need the Linux for ARM one.

Thanks, Danny! That did work :slight_smile: Wonder, how did I overlook it.

You’re welcome - Glad to see you have it working! :trophy:

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