Postman Flows : User Registration by OTP verification

I want to create a Postman Flows that includes the following scenario: Can anyone guide me on how to proceed? I tried my best but did not achieve it.
Scenarios :slight_smile:

  1. Register Process, which include some pre verification like
  • Validate Email
  • Mobile OTP
    *Validate Mobile
    *Validate OTP
  1. On Run time, i want to validate OTP in a flow
  2. When i validate Mobile OTP request then an object ID is created and passed to validate OTP request and at the same time the otp is created and entered manually, but in that case i am not able to get the positive case in which OTP is valid in that if i am using the delay component then also not getting the correct output can anybody help me with these scenarios.

Hi @ssonika21

Welcome to the forums!

It would be helpful if you could provide some screenshots of what you have and which piece isn’t working so that I could provide some suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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