Is it possible to verify otp in postman flow

Hi team, I have a question like Is it possible of verifying the otp in postman flow, I have two api’s one is to send the otp to the given mobile number and next api is for taking the otp and verifying it.

Complexity of this question is verifying the otp. Since the otp is sent to the mobile number and it is sent from the third party service, retrieving the otp from the mobile to the postman flow is tricky, or else stopping the flow and entering the otp is it possible?? I don’t think so is it possible.

It is possible but you could have to use a service that provides an API that you can use to get the codes.

This could be an premium email service like Mailinator, and there are services out there to emulate mobiles.

However, what is the purpose of verifying OTP? It’s usually recommended to turn off multi-factor authentication on your automation test accounts, and then have a test cycle to manually test OTP with a separate account with MFA enabled. Having OTP in the mix basically just makes it all more complex. If its really important that you test OTP, then fair enough, but usually disabling it for the test accounts and then performing some manual tests with MFA would suffice.

Services like Paytm, Twillio.

Hi @material-technologi9

We don’t currently have a way of doing this in one flow without using some third party API to handle it.

Flows aren’t able to be paused today, but you could run your flow #1 that generates the OTP, then use that to kick off a second flow (flow #2 with said OTP). If you only have two requests in your flow though, there may not be much benefit to that.

If you don’t mind expanding a little more on your use-case I can take that as feedback to the team.

Hello @material-technologi9

The use case is verifying the user with the mobile number, this can be used as a login confirmation for the user, where user needs to identify his ownership by providing his mobile number, once the otp was verified by the otp provider user will allow the user to use app.