Postman External Trigger

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How can I externally trigger the Flow to start?

I have my flow set up and linked to my Helium Lora device that works well. But I want to connect the function to a virtual on line.

I’ve been working on this 1 issue for 4 months with almost no progress :raised_hands: heellppppppp :nerd_face:

Hi @spaceflight-operator

Can you share some screenshots of what you have so far to help visualise what you are trying to do?

Here’s a screen shot of the instructions in the Helium Docs along with a link to the page.

In this example, I can manually post the information from the Postman console. But I’m looking for a way to trigger this post to happen automatically. Google sheets has a tool that will automatically post data to an endpoint. But without a trigger on the Postman side, there’s no way to tell the program to initiate the post.

I don’t think Postman can be triggered from external apps in that way.
I will have a read up though.

Alternatively, Could you use a Google Apps Script to POST via curl?

You could try following this video to create a Postman webhook.
Then use the webhook URL in your Google trigger.
If my understanding is correct, this should trigger your collection which holds your POST to

That looks like it should work but for some reason she glosses over the Authorization part. I have my Auth Key but it’s also asking for a value?

Which authentication method should I even use? And where should it be added, Header or Query params?

I believe the key:value pair would be;

key: x-api-key
value: {Your API key}

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Awesome !!

Now there’s a second error? UID?

The workspace ID looks red. can you show me where the value for workspace_id is stored?

If it helps, the collection in Joyces video can be forked from this workspace.

I forked it over to my dashboard. I can’t seem to find (workspace_id) in her code. Can you see it anywhere?

In the collection level variables.

Got it…
I have to input my own values in the “Initial Value” right?

Correct, ALL of those values should be YOUR values.

You may not have permission to change the codes within the forked collection (it said I didn’t have access when I tried), but if you make your own collection look the same it should work.

If you get stuck, you could set your workspace to public and invite me and I will have a look at what you have.

Technically the API key should be stored in the “current” value, as the current values do not get exported. But you can always tidy all that up once it works.

awesome !! Do you have a preferred way for me to invite you?

Just click invite at the top and I think you can search my screen name “w4dd325”.

Looks like it’s only accepting emails?

Update: After some poking around, this now works using the Webhook approach in the video linked above.

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