Postman flow ignoring environment when triggered by webhook

I am able to run the flow locally: the flow involves several API calls that require
an API key. This is defined in a Postman environment which I link to the flow steps. All is working fine.

However when I try to execute the flow using a webhook the Postman environment is ignored, and the API calls fail. This happens on both Postman web and desktop app (10.14.0).

Do I miss a step in the webhook configuration? How do I make sure the Postman requests (part of the flow) use my API key?

Hi @beppecatanese

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When your calls fail, in the console, do you see that instead of your intended API key, it’s the request is being made with the variable name (something like {{api key}})? If you made any changes to the environments, you will need to click the publish button again to sync the environment changes to your deployed flow.

Thanks Daniel!

I managed to make it work by defining both the Initial value and Current value in the Environment used by the flow. I guess the Current Value is not synchronised/saved on the cloud therefore cannot be used by the webhook.

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