Postman Export not working 8.0.6

(rant) I made the mistake of upgrading in the middle of a big project without looking at what changed. Never again! I’m having to hunt for everything and a million bogus “examples” got created underneath all of my requests. (/rant)


  1. From Collection, right-click and choose Export from context menu
  2. Leave version at default (2.1) > Export

Expected: Another dialog box to pop up and ask where to export to

Actual: Dialog box (in step 2) closes leaving me at the collection tab where I started. A search of my hard drive reveals no collections saved today.

Is this a bug or is there something I am missing?

Hey @jshafer :wave:

That doesn’t seem right, are you able to share a quick recording of that happening?

Once I deleted all of the “untitled example” examples from underneath all of my saved queries, I was able to export the collection without issue (I think – haven’t actually done anything with the exported collection yet).

The untitled examples appeared when I upgraded to 8.0.6. Looking through my collections, it seems that only the collections that I created with an initial export from a Swagger page had this issue, but it was a pain to clean up because every one of my 50 or so queries in this collection had 5 or 6 of these untitled examples underneath them. I also have quite a few more collections with this issue.

I am attaching a screenshot. In the picture I have already deleted the bogus examples from the endpoints below the highlighted example.

The examples would have been part of an API spec that you may have imported.

These were previously in a different location in the app so you may not have known they were there. :grin:

We are reviewing different pieces of feedback around the examples being expanded in the sidebar and using this to make some design tweaks - As you know, no piece of software is ever really finished and Postman is the same.

We’ll be applying some of these design changes in the up coming versions so hopefully this will help you and other users out.

Thanks for your quick response.

Now that I’ve figured out where everything is in the new UI, I do see many advantages over the older one. Looking forward to more.

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