Postman down? Preparing your Workspaces ... for hours now

Postman just seems to be spinning attempting to Prepare workspace.
Started last night around 4pm est & still this morning.

Hi @jason1, welcome to the community :wave:

We don’t have any indications of any of our services being down, Postman Status Page

Preparing your Workspaces shouldn’t be taking that much time, this might be indicating that something is wrong, are you attempting to login in Postman’s native desktop application? If so can you please try to login onto the Web Application and see if the Workspaces appear there.

Also can you confirm if you are using a new account, or you already have an existing account ?

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Was using an existing account & was logged in.
Deleted everything postman from ~/Library, fresh install & just got things working again.

No idea what happened but something got corrupted yesterday.

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I appears that Postman has had an update/UI refresh.
So potentially something was corrupted during update

Yes, you are totally correct, Postman v8 comes with a new UI.
Sorry to hear you experienced issues while updating the application.

I’m glad to know that on your end everything works fine now, and good job with resolving it. :clap: