Postman Console log can we highlight certain text in BOLD and COLOR

Console log can we highlight certain text in BOLD and COLOR
It is not an Error but we need it to be highlighted to differentiate or glance through easily complex calculation in the pre requisite script results.

Hi @kdayalan

This may help;

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Thank you is there any other way to highlight in RED and BOLD without console. error, Because I need to differentiate between error and normal messages with important calculations to be highlighted.

not as far as I am aware, maybe one of the Postmanauts could correct me if I am wrong though.


Doesn’t find a way for customize view of console. It’s not html embedded so that quite challenging.
The best workaround I found so fare is to generate an id of the checks/request and log it along with the result :

var id_1 = Math.floor(Math.random() * 10000)
var id_2 = Math.floor(Math.random() * 10000)
console.log(id_1,{ title:"a"})
console.log(id_2,{ title:"1"})
console.log(id_1,{ title:"b"})
console.log(id_1,{ title:"c"})

Then , open console

You will acces the searchable console window :

And search by id

I’m not an expert in js and log policy.
There is a possible rule about log : Be generous with your logging but be strict with your logging levels (Serilog lib).
Avoid error / warning, those are for important message that require a solving action / degraded behavior. Info are for verifing correctness of app state once running for production
Log for debug.

Would be curious to know the others user rules about logging in postman!

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Thank you so much I will try this Id method , least it can ease the search of complex huge calculation results .

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Great ! Then do you mind to solve this topic by selecting the answer that resolved your concerne ? :angel: