Can't run all folders in a collection

Hello, I’ve created a collection that has 6 folders, if of note, all 6 folders are duplicate of each other - with some data changed.
When I try to run the collection, I want to run all folders in the expected order, however it seems that it runs only the first folder and it is done.
Could it be because all 6 folders have the same amount of requests and names for those requests?
Although If they are in different folders, I dont see how this is an issue…


Also, I’m using setNextRequest, however it within requests in the same folders, maybe thats the issue?

@theToncheff postman.setNextRequest finds request in a complete collection when a complete collection is run. So if you use setNextRequest, the request names has to be unique for it to work as expected.


Thank you, that cleared things up!