Postman collection run via GitHub action stopped working

I’ve been succesfully running Postman CLI GitHub action until the last week. Following is the Action config:

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@v3
      - name: Install Postman CLI
        run: |
          curl -o- "" | sh
      - name: Login to Postman CLI
        run: postman login --with-api-key ${{ secrets.POSTMAN_API_KEY }}
      - name: Run API tests
        run: |
          postman collection run "14779683-c20279a2-e01b-42d7-a435-cb45a05d982c" -e "14779683-fb25fdcd-2eee-4e1a-9bc5-5c13edfef1a5" --integration-id "135195-${{ github.run_id }}"
          postman api lint --integration-id 135195-${{ github.run_id }}

The API key seems to be valid, as it runs the collection and finished all tests. But since the last week or so, I started to get following message:

Postman CLI run data uploaded to Postman Cloud successfully.
You can view the run data in Postman at:
Error: Couldn't find the Postman config file in the current directory.
Try re-integrating this folder with your Postman API.

The link seems to be incorrect, it brings be to v10 early access features.
Does someone know what is missing, something have changed with the Postman CLI perhaps?

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Facing the same since a week and no clue how to solve it or what has changed, the test passes successfully but the exist code from Postman CLI is error (1).

Actually, this error is coming from the “postman lint” command that comes later. Removing it seems to fix the error

Thank you, indeed it solved the problem :slight_smile:

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