Running collection in a Github Actions with NewMan

Hi guys!
I am trying to run collection using newman actions and there is an issue that I can’t resolve. Could you help me please.
I did integration using the API key and URL’s for Collection and variables, but it’s giving me an error somehow.

Hi @NataliaMerkulova

In your first screenshot it looks like you are referencing both local and URL collection and environment.

I think it’s either/or not both;

Hi James,
Thank you for your answer, you always help me !!!

That code was commented but I removed it just in case and still seeing the same issue…

To me, it looks like you’re not using the correct references to the collection and environment, you’re using the URLs that would land you at those entities, on the Postman Web version.

You need to use the Postman API URLs, as that returns the JSON format of the entity which is parsed by Newman.{{collectionUid}}{{environmentUid}}

Full Documentation can be found here:

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Hi Danny,
Thank you, checking