Postman collection documentation location

Where does postman save the collection documentation that the user adds via the markdown or postman editor:

I am documenting my collections using the documentation right hand panel and adding markdown classic markdown editor and also the postman editor (beta).

However, when I view my saved collection json file, I don’t see the documentation that I can see in the postman UI.

Where is the documentation on my system? is the document saved somewhere on my account in the cloud?

Hello @aliraza1982, Welcome to the community :tada:

Are you trying to download the collection and there you can’t find the documentation?

If so, please try syncing once (cloud icon) on the right top corner besides setting icon and then download.

Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 11.20.05 PM

Also, [FYI] all customer data is stored on cloud databases (on Amazon RDS), which are configured securely. You can find more details on Postman’s policies on data storage here. But I think the issue is something else! If this doesn’t can you please share some information?

Cheers :magic_wand:

@sahuvikramp I am just trying to view the file where documentation is stored and version control it in our internal bitbucket repo. I also want to be able to parse this document and do some automation for my internal engineering process.

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@sahuvikramp let me give more details. I am using the postman on mac. not the browser. my postman collections are saved locally on disk /postman/script/collection.json.

The question is

  • where is the file that contains the documentation for my collection requests

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@aliraza1982 if I understand correctly, you are searching for a standalone documentation for your collection, right?

The documentation is not saved separately, In fact it is saved within your collection file on disk : /postman/script/collection.json.
For more details, please refer to the attached Giphy below :

documentation within json