Postman collection could not be loaded error on AzureDevops

My question:I have a postman collection running on AzureDevops every hour for some years now. Recently when I updated postman version, it is now using Collection Access key. But from Thursday it started failing and throwing error mentioned below

Details (like screenshots):

error: collection could not be loaded
  Error fetching the resource from the provided URL. Ensure that the URL is valid.
  Service limit exhausted. Please contact your team admin.

How I found the problem:After I updated the collection with the new API Key with Postman version 10, from last week it started throwing error.

I’ve already tried:I’ve already tried: Reverting back to older version to update via public link or via JSON link, but it is not updating collection in that case and is stuck on Fetching Link.

Have you resolved it? @ria.ria.gupta