Postman cannot import json file created with newman command line and reporters

Hi folks,

I have a problem with JSON files produced by Newman cmd line. If I run a collection via Postman and export the run it creates a json file, which is around 93kb big. If I delete the test run from Runner and import the one I just exported, it’s loaded without a problem.

Now the same collection, started via Jenkins and Newman, creates over 4MB json file! And if I try to import such file to Runner (to review the results), import says “Could not import test run”.

However, and that’s funny, I can use the same json file for collection import! But there are no reports available.

Here is the CMD line I’m using:
newman run %WORKSPACE%\tfs\Cimarron_Postman_TA\CIM_Postman_TA.json --reporters cli,json --reporter-json-export %WORKSPACE%\Reports\Cimarron_Postman_Report_%BUILD_NUMBER%.json

Am I using wrong parameters? Does anyone know, how to get the same test run report, as if collection is started from Postman? Thank you in advance.