Postman automatically changed the shape of my API's

Hi everyone, i have a problem that is present in many ways. I created my api and some request, but when I close postman, or when I make a “pull request”, postman changes the shape of my Api, adding a “definition”. I did not set a definition in my workspace. I share a screen and I hope someone can hel me.

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Would you be able to explain your development workflow a little more, please? I’m not sure I fully understand this issue from your question.

You create the structure of your API using the API definition . The API definition can consist of one or multiple files. If your API doesn’t have a definition, you can add an example definition, import a definition, or add a definition from a connected repository.

Yes sure I wasn’t clear, I know. I have a workspace linked to Azure, I normally create some collections with some requests inside. But, if I close Postman and open it again, I will see my collections in the shape you saw in the screen above. I did not set any Definition, it has been generated automatically. Also, I cannot make a pull on Azure, it block my postman. I just want my collection in the normal shape. I hope I explain the problem clear.

Where are the requests that you created? Are these in a Collection, in the Collection sidebar?

From the image, I can see a forked API, a Definition, A folder under the Definition and some json spec files.

Apologies, I’m still not really getting what you have done to reach this point and what you create. Can you walk through each step and provide some visual clues to help explain things?

Sorry if I’m not clear enough, but I’m pretty new in Postman world. Anyway, as you can see now in the screen, i have created the collection directly from Api’s section, in the sidebar. But i’m sure i did not create any definition. Is it possible this is a problem from Azure?

That’s an API in the image and not a Collection, the Collection would be in the section above this.

You can create a Collection based on an API’s Definition though and that would be shown but the Collection would be at the same level as the Definition. You just have a production folder and then 4 json spec files and no Collections or Requests.

Here’s an example of one with a Collection:

The API in the image is connected to a repository but I’m not sure what is held within that to know what’s happening.

Ok got it. i saw i can create a collection also from “api” in the sidebar, and that is the way I created my collections. Still I don’t get what is the problem.

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Could you close the same question that you raised here today:

And add the details to this open one, which contains more context and an ongoing conversation, please.

I still don’t fully understand what your workflow is here.

Do you want to create Collections or an API? Those are 2 different things in the context of Postman.

What is the Test Statistical API? How was that created?

What Postman files are contained in the Azure repo?

Did you create the link from the API to the repository?

How are you pushing and pulling changes into Postman from the repository?

What’s the contents of the .json files that are in this image?

Adding relevant link for further context about git linked APIs:

Hi, sorry but its hard to explain without sharing company information, but i’m gonna try to be more clear. My goal is to build an api with some collections inside. Every collection must have some requests inside. I’m gonna answer the question you had above.

  • What is the Test Statistical API ? How was that created?
    It is the API that I created, and I wanna put some collections inside.

  • How are you pushing and pulling changes into Postman from the repository?
    When i make some changes, I see on the right of the screen, the possibility to commit the changes in Azure.

But, when I make a commit, I see that it fails. Postman stays in loading until I close it. If I close and open again, I see my requests under “definition”, but i did not create any definition. I just want my requests like you can see in the screen, without definition

An API in the context of Postman, isn’t just a container for Collections. It should have a Definition file which would then act as the single source of truth for your API project.

You can connect various Postman elements of your API development lifecycle to your API definition, such as collections, documentation, and tests.

Does your API have a schema (OpenAPI (versions 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1), RAML (0.8 and 1.0), protobuf (protocol buffer) (2.0 and 3.0), GraphQL, or WSDL (1.0 and 2.0) definitions)?

Are you only trying to utilize the git linked part of it? Could you not just create the Collections in the Collection sidebar?