A Base Collection for Pulling, Editing, and Saving a Collection

When working with Postman collections at scale you will often times find yourself needing to make changes to collections that you can’t always do efficiently through the Postman interface. Either it isn’t a use case that has been suggested as a feature, or Postman just hasn’t gotten around to prioritizing as part of the road map. This is why Postman has an API so that you can automate the pulling, editing, and then saving of collections, using a collection.

To provide a base for any changes you’d like to make to a collection I have developed this base collection that will pull any collection using it’s guid, then using a test script you can manipulate the collection as you wish, and then it will save the collection using the Postman API. You will need a Postman API key to make the collection work, but it should give you a base to work with when building these types of collections–It is up to you to decide what changes you make.

You can view the documentation for this collection in the collection public workspace, where you can view the docs for the collection, fork and use the collection in your own work, while also commenting on the collection, providing feedback on where I should be taking it next. The collection documentation should provide you with all that you need to get started. If you have any questions that you don’t want to have listed in the comments feel free to email me at info@apievangelist.com and I will do my best to answer your questions.