Postman app opens all collections in a browser tab NOT in app

I currently use the Postman desktop app to look at my work’s collections and whatnot. I use to be able to look at everything within the app but now, after reinstalling postman and given a new account, every time i click a collection it opens in my browser and not the app.

I looked in settings and account settings but couldn’t really see anything about it. :confused:

If anyone could help I would really appreciate it.

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Hey @Natalie.reinicke

Can you check that you’re in the correct mode - on the bottom bar of the app, you will see a build/browse option.

You might have it in browse mode, that would open up the collection in the Web view. If you select build, you should get to the correct and familiar state again.


wow - so simple haha

thank you so much! Much appreciated